The French military's new generation of pistols reveals its true features and the contrasting design of the Glock 17 is very romantic

Update time : 2020-01-10

On January 7th, I introduced the recent situation of light weapons in France in the article "The world advanced level that the French military purchased the Glock 17 pistol SCAR-H sniper rifle."

On January 8, the official website of the French Army released two Glock 17 column propaganda photos of the French army, which can determine the appearance of the French-equipped Glock 17 pistol. The gun uses a black sleeve and a FDE-colored sleeve seat. This "collision of color" match is very consistent with the Frenchman's (one) art (second) art (gun) temperament. It is said that France named this pistol PANG, which is not to describe the sound of the gun, but the abbreviation of Pistolet Automatique de Nouvelle Génération (French: next-generation automatic pistol).

In fact, the French army began to receive the first batch of PANGs at the end of 2019. This is the second photo released by the French military. You can see various accessories and tools purchased with the pistol. The French Ministry of Defence officially announced that it has ordered 74,596 Glock 17 pistols with a total contract value of more than 44 million euros, or about 344 million yuan. But this contract is not only pistols, but also: holsters for each pistol, 7000 mufflers and sets, 15,000 laser sights, 9,000 training kits (UTM sleeves and barrels), 45 million full Armoured ammunition, 2 million subsonic ammunition, 4 million empty ammunition and matching cleaning tools.

This is a photo of the French version of the Glock 17 pistol found through other channels. This pistol is basically the fifth generation of the Glock 17, but with a non-slip texture on the front of the sleeve and a lanyard ring under the grip. Comes connected to prevent missing guns.

In the news of the French soldier purchasing the Glock pistol, the US soldier system website adopted two Glock 17 maps. Now it seems that the US intelligence work is really pervasive. This clearly shows the silenced Glock 17 equipped by the French army, with a threaded barrel and sleeve replaced. In order to prevent the muffler from blocking the sight, a high-level crosshair and a sighting door are specially equipped. It is worth noting that there is also a removable cover at the front of the door, where a miniature red dot sight can be installed.

In the photo on the other side, you can see that there is also an empty warehouse hook release lever on the right side of the socket seat to facilitate left-handed operation. Magazine magazines can also be reverse mounted as needed. The grip can be fitted with an additional back plate to fit larger hands. It seems that the shape of the trigger fuse has been adjusted and the lines are softer.

This is the Glock 19X pistol that Glock participated in the U.S. Army Modular Pistol System (MHS) project tender, which was defeated by Sigsall's P320. However, the lost Mulberry was harvested, and Glock quickly won a contract between the British and French Army. I was kidding-did you see the U.S. Army firearms bidding project? Regardless of winning the bid, looking for a runner-up purchase will definitely be easy to use. Many people in China think that this statement is absurd, but John Bull and Gaul chicken think it is really fragrant.

In fact, I think the British and French procurement of Glock 17 is still too conservative. It is not as good as the purchase of Glock 45. The Glock 17 full-size socket seat, Glock 19 compact barrel and sleeve are used, so that both the feel and the portable . Anyway, in the future, the opponent will be equipped with a relatively complete individual protection system. The pistol basically has no effect. It can only give soldiers bravery. Since it is bravery, it is better to be small.